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Arun Gandhi On Fox News

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Grandfather Gandhi author Arun Gandhi spoke with Fox News about his new book for adults, The Gift of Anger: And Other Lessons from My Grandfather Mahatma Gandhi (Simon & Schuster.)  Watch it...

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Arun Gandhi Releases The Gift of Anger

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The Grandfather Gandhi team congratulates Arun Gandhi on the release of his new book for adults, The Gift of Anger: And Other Lessons from My Grandfather Mahatma Gandhi (Simon & Schuster.) Discover ten vital and extraordinary life lessons from one of the most important and influential philosophers and peace activists of the twentieth century—Mahatma Gandhi—in this poignant and timely exploration of the true path from anger to peace, as recounted by Gandhi’s grandson, Arun Gandhi. In the current troubled climate, in our country and in the world, these lessons are needed more than ever before. “We should not be ashamed of anger. It’s a very good and a very powerful thing that motivates us. But what we need to be ashamed of is the way we abuse it.” —Mahatma Gandhi Arun Gandhi was just twelve years old when his parents dropped him off at Sevagram, his grandfather’s famous ashram. To Arun, the man who fought for India’s independence and was the country’s beloved preeminent philosopher and leader was simply a family member. He lived there for two years under his grandfather’s wing until Gandhi’s assassination. While each chapter contains a singular, timeless lesson, The Gift of Anger also takes you along with Arun on a moving journey of self-discovery as he learns to overcome his own struggle to express his emotions and harness the power of anger to bring about good. He learns to see the world through new eyes under the tutelage of his beloved grandfather and provides a rare, three-dimensional portrait of this icon for the ages. The ten vital life lessons strike a universal chord about self-discovery, identity, dealing with anger, depression, loneliness, friendship, and family—perfect for anyone searching for a way to effecting healing change in a fractured...

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New Shining Perspective

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Arun Gandhi thanks Mr. Greenleaf’s for their wonderful thank you notes following his appearance at a marvelous school in Canby, Oregon.  Here are some of the things students had to say: “Living in the light is an easy title to learn, it’s just up to you to take the first step into a new shining perspective.” “Your a person that makes people laugh and change the way they think.” “I was soo thankful that I got to hear your message about helping the poor people or others that need it…I was soo inspired by you, following in your grandpas steps and I believe wherever he is, he is proud of you.” “Poverty.  Hunger.  Neglect.  These are things not many people take time with.  They hear about it and ignore it…However there are people who only get what they’ll use and save the rest.  The people who are less fortunate in their times of need.   These people love with all they have and cherish everything everyday…” “Living your life as light would mean avoiding bad moments and also thinking about the good side of things.” “Being angry and using violence is just ruining the world.” “If we all cared for one another world hunger and homelessness wouldn’t be such a problem.” “He [Arun Gandhi] saved all 128 babies that were in the streets, that was an amazing and life changing thing to do…: “The world can be a dark place.  There is evil within our cities and government but also light…” “Poverty is a heartbreaking thing…” “It’s good to be kind in the least way you can to somebody.” “Don’t waste things…” “If only people with more money would help.  This world would be a better place.” “Don’t let your light fade, let it shine.” “…what ever you give them means alot to them even if it’s a little thing…” “This is an experience I will cherish forever…” “[Mahatma] Gandhi was able to be the light at the end of the tunnel for everybody across the world.” “It takes courage and bravery to live your life as light.” ” He [Mahatma Gandhi] was trying to banish the darkness of war.” “…got me thinking that I don’t always appreciate what I have…” “Showing random acts of kindness, with no intention of being rewarded, are the kind of people we should look up to and admire.” “[Mahatma] Gandhi was light in darkness.” “YOU INSPIRED ME! :)” “…we need to act more like [Mahatma] Gandhi who was brave, sweet, loving, and so much more!” “Blood, violence, and many disturbing things are in this world, but one thing can stop it, peace.” “Once the negativity becomes too great, the holder explodes, shattering into tiny shards and causing casualties.” “That story harmed my heart because I can’t imagine kids living in the streets with no food, money, water and shelter…I am so glad that Arun Gandhi saved these kids lives.”...

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Arun Gandhi on Learning

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In an interview with the authors of Grandfather Gandhi, Arun Gandhi talks about his greatest teachers and his grandfather’s lesson to keep your mind “like a room with many open windows.”

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Qlovi Welcomes Arun Gandhi & Bethany Hegedus

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Always Endeavor

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By Arun Gandhi Manilal and Sushila Gandhi Not all my life lessons came directly from my Grandfather Gandhi. There were some that came through my parents, Manilal and Sushila Gandhi. Manilal was the second of grandfather’s four sons and the only one who devoted his life wholly to promoting and practicing his father’s philosophy of nonviolence in his personal and public life. “Become a Better Human Being” When I left Grandfather Gandhi in 1947 to return with my parents to South Africa, grandfather’s parting words were that I “must always endeavor to become a better human being.” My parents built on this slender advice to show me how this should be done as a daily practice. Every morning upon opening my eyes I had to thank God for another wonderful day, for a wonderful family and friends and a wonderful world. I had to seek Divine wisdom to help me become better and stronger human being and then work diligently towards achieving this goal. Imperfections It requires the humility to accept that one is an imperfect human being and instead of living with these imperfections one must make a constant effort throughout one’s life to become better by changing the imperfections, one small step at a time, to perfections. My parents dissuaded me from seeking role models in society. Each individual is different with vastly different abilities. Trying to model oneself on what someone else has achieved, even parents and grandparents, means you will be constantly trying to ape them instead of finding your own inner strength and abilities. Inter-related, Inter-connected and Inter-dependent My parents taught me to meditate every day for at least an hour to reflect on myself and discover my purpose in life. We are not individual human beings to do whatever we please. We are all inter-related, inter-connected and inter-dependent not only as humans but also with nature. The acceptance of this reality gives rise to humility and compassion in an individual along with the realization that each one of us is a small cog in the giant human machinery that will work efficiently only if all the parts play the role they are supposed to by the Law of Nature. It means we live for each other, not for our selves. The awakening of love, respect, understanding, compassion and appreciation of each other, and all of nature, will bring harmony in society and and allow us to build...

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