Take the Pledge!

“It is our hope, Arun’s and mine, that we each look inside to see where our anger, shame, and fear hides. And when we do so, that we lovingly channel those feelings into positive action. Each time we choose to act rather than react, to sit instead of strike, to listen instead of shout, we work to create peace. We help our world heal.  Let us learn to live our lives as light.”

We need simple tools to help us get there.  To “be the change we wish to see,” as Mahatma Gandhi said. This pledge is one. Won’t you, your class, your friends, your church, your community groups take it with us?”  —Bethany Hegedus

Live Your Life as Light
Read & Publicly Take the “Live Your Light as Light” Pledge

Print & Sign the “Live Your Life as Light” Pledge

Be the Change
Read & Publicly Take the “Be the Change” Pledge


Grandfather Gandhi Illustration © Evan Turk

Grandfather Gandhi Illustration © Evan Turk

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