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Grandfather Gandhi Illustration © Evan Turk

Grandfather Gandhi Illustration © Evan Turk

Keep an Anger Journal
By Arun Gandhi

One of the exercises Grandfather suggested is that I should write an anger journal. He said every time you feel angry about something, don’t pour it out on somebody or something, but pour it all out in your journal. But, write the journal with the intention of finding a solution to the problem and then commit yourself to finding a solution, which is very important.

A lot of people tell me they’ve been writing an anger journal for a long time, but that it hasn’t helped them. Because every time necessary, they go back and read the journal they’re reminded of the incident and they get angry all over again. We don’t want to rage all over again, we want to be able to put that behind us. So it’s very important that we write the journal with the intention of finding a solution and then commit ourselves to finding a solution.

Try these writing prompts in your journal:

  • My intention in writing why I am angry is:
  • What caused my anger (what happened):
  • How did this make me feel?
  • What are 5 steps I can take to release this anger, that won’t harm me or another?

When done journaling, take a deep breath, as many deep breaths as needed and affirm “I live my life as light. I choose to use my anger instead of letting it use me.”

Create a Model Spinning Wheel
Download , Print & Share the Grandfather Gandhi Spinning Wheel Activity (B&W PDF)
Using a print-out on cardstock, glue, and a loop of string readers can experience a hands-on activity that mimics the working of Gandhi’s spinning wheel.  The soothing humming of the spinning wheel allows the reader time to consider the choice of lightening or lamp.

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